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Make sure you are browsing a safe home page

The home page that is protected by an SSL certificate and protected is recognizable after entering the tag address on the left side of the bar (green key).

The SSL certificate is required to protect home pages where tadi data is used and entered as: user name, product basket, order section, etc.

You can find the details of the certificate by imposing on it

What data do we collect?

When purchasing an item in the Internet store “”, the minimum information needed to complete it is your name, surname, phone number, e-mail address and, if you choose a home delivery, your address. Your contact information is needed to let you know about the order execution process and other order-related issues. This personal information is required only for the conclusion and implementation of the specific message.

To make browsing on the “” site convenient and efficient, but you can find the products that are up to date as soon as possible, we keep the following information:

  • Your history of purchases and activities on the website;
  • our history of correspondence and conversations to answer questions related to your order and to identify you
  • video data from video surveillance equipment in our stores. We only have a video recording up to date for your safety.

In addition to your convenience, you can provide us with the following information: gender, date of birth. This data is optional and is intended only to provide e-store services provided by “” more easily.

What data do we not collect, store or associate with a person?

In our direct actions and in contact with you, we are sure to:

  • do not collect or maintain your browsing history on third-party websites;
  • we do not send any data related to your browsing on our site that could identify your person.

Who do we use personal data to collect?

We use your personal data only to improve the services we provide and to best suit your needs and habits. So we are collecting personal data to:

  • Ease shopping when you create a personal account in our e-shop.
  • offer you topical goods;
  • we could analyse our activities and ensure that the use of our Internet store is as simple and convenient as possible for you. It is important to note that in 8 out of 10 cases we use anonymised data for work processes (it is not possible to determine if the data is for you) that cannot be identified by a particular person.
  • inform you of exclusive offers made only for you;
  • provide you with information on news, organised lotteries, promotions and projects;
  • effectively review your requests and complaints;
  • provide warranty service for your purchased goods.

How do we store and process personal data?

By means of organisational and technical means, we shall ensure that your personal data is protected against any illegal activity: modification, disclosure or destruction of personal data, theft of personal identity, fraud.

Our internal organisational system is designed so that your personal data can only be accessed and processed by individuals with special powers, but even these individuals have limited access to your personal data if anonymized data is sufficient to perform their functions.

Therefore, your personal data protection level meets the highest safety standards.

For your personal data to be fully protected, it is recommended that you pay attention and make sure that your personal data is not viewed by unauthorised persons when you connect to our e-shop and that they are stored correctly. We recommend that you change your login password regularly, store a payment card and other data that you use to avoid violating your personal data security and privacy.

Our website is protected under a security protocol based on a Data Encryption System Certificate (SSL). The address of the following e-shop home page contains the letter “s”: “https://”.

How can you participate in the processing of your personal data?

We collect and use personal data in a transparent and fair way, so we have an important contribution to data processing. You can participate in the processing of your personal data in the following ways:

  • require us to correct your personal data if you are familiar with personal data and find that the data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
  • require us to destroy personal data if you are familiar with your personal data and decide that: (i) your personal data is not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; (ii) you would like to cancel your consent to the processing of your personal; (iii) your personal data is processed unlawfully;
  • to disagree with the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes;

We may limit the collection and use of your personal data if you decide that your personal data:

  • are inaccurate (in this case, the processing of personal data will be limited to verifying the accuracy of the data);
  • are being processed illegally, but you do not agree to deleting your data.
  • are necessary to express, comply or protect legal requirements;
  • are processed despite your objection to such processing of personal data (the processing of data will be limited until it is verified whether the reasons for which we are processing your personal data are necessary).

You may be involved in the processing of personal data:

How do I find out about changes to data processing?

We appreciate the security of your personal data, so if you change your data processing, we will inform you immediately by sending a notification to your email address or by sending a notification before purchasing items in the e-shop.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit the website. We ensure that cookies help to identify only your device, but not you as a specific person.

Both we and other websites use cookies to make your visit to your site simpler and more efficient, in other words to suit your needs. Let’s say, you put the item in the basket and decide to continue looking for other items. If you browse the site for more than half an hour and then decide to pay for the items, the shopping basket will be empty because the system is unable to remember your recent shopping activities. For smooth shopping, we use cookies that help the system remember this information, so you don’t need to find the same products again.

Cookies help us analyze your browsing history in the “” e-shop. We turn this information into an easy way to use our services, for example, to get you the most current commercial offers. To avoid restricting our services to a website alone, this data can be passed on to our advertising service partners. They are provided with anonymised data which are used only to the extent necessary for the provision of quality services.

Cookies cannot link information to a specific person, i.e. they only collect anonymized data.

If you decide you don’t like cookies anyway, you can always delete them from your browser.

Where can I get more information?

The General Data Protection Regulation guarantees that your personal data will be processed fairly, legally and transparently, and provides guidelines for us on how to protect your personal data as effectively as possible.

The Regulation extends your rights and provides the means for you to participate in the processing and control of your personal data.


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